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In a plastic container approximately - 3-4 inches in depth, 6-8 inches in width and 10-12 inches in length or smaller - with a tight-fitting lid is required. This container can be purchased at most supermarkets.  Place container in bottom of bathtub or shower. Sit on something comfortable.  Place both feet in the container, pour Foot Soak into the container.  Use as is, no dilution. May be warmed in the container (not microwaved).

Suggested guidelines for foot soaking.
Use during the morning and/or evening.

First week soak your feet 5 minutes each day. (Call 307-266-5310 before increasing to ten minutes)
Second week soak your feet 10 minutes each day.
Third week soak your feet 15 minutes each day.
Fourth week soak your feet 20 minutes each day.
Fifth week soak your feet 25 minutes each day.
Sixth week soak your feet 30 minutes each day.
This schedule maybe accelerated or reduced.

When finished soaking your feet for the required time, place the lid on the container tightly. Wash your feet off with warm water and soap. Apply clear aloe vera gel if needed. The plastic container with the Herbal Solution may be left in the bathtub, it does not need to be refrigerated.

Continue soaking your feet approximately 30 minutes or more or less each day. Reorder and add to the remaining solution when needed. If you need to discontinue the foot soak for 2-3 days, no benefits are lost. Continue the foot soaking until your health professional tells you that it is no longer needed.

(CH3) SO, Chlorophyllin, Sanguanaria canadensis, Impatiens pallida, Hydrastis canadensis, Ferula galbaniflua, Hypericum perforatum, Rubus villosus, Fumaria officinalis, Frasera carolinensis, Allicin, Garlic.


Zinc, Potassium, Barium, Iron, Sodium, Calcium Copper. Keep us informed as to symptoms, usage & progress.

Stains may be removed with bleach or lemon juice.

Formulated by Laboratory Process

One  32 fluid oz. bottle

Mfg. U.S.A.

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Foot Soak
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